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Here's What You Get Once We Have Accepted Your Application

  • Cutting Edge Training in ​Basic RPA, Sales & Consulting
  • ​Psychometric/Aptitude Testing & Report To Highlight Your Transformation Skill Sets You Need to Acquire 
  • ​Talent Pool Available For Work Opportunities From Our Global Partners
  • ​Dedicated Marketing Support & Mentoring Sessions
  • ​Predictable Income & Growth Opportunities
  • ​Knowledgeable & Supportive Global Community
  • ​Strategic Partnerships Leveraging Your Expertise
  • Cutting Edge Training
  • ​Dedicated Marketing Support
  • ​Predictable Income & Growth Opportunities
  • ​Knowledgeable & Supportive Global Community
  • ​Strategic Partnerships Leveraging Your Expertise
Why Virtech? Why Now?

Our Resilient Network Is Your Vital Layer Of Protection From Economic Ruin. We Give You Certainty In Uncertain Times.

Whether it's BREXIT, COVID-19, or stock markets hitting record lows... Acquiring new clients for your business will continue to get more and more difficult.  Being apart of our consulting network puts you in a position to have a healthy flow of opportunities that bring a vital platform of stability to your business and family.   

We Developed The Virtech Consulting Network For Consultants Interested In Building A Highly Profitable Business To Retire Early.

Transformation Consulting is at the heart of what we do and there is such a constant, growing demand for our products and services worldwide that we need to expand our consulting community - that means experts like you - to better engage and deliver to our clients.  We put you in a position to do what you love without the typical struggles of the industry.

We Provide You With A Constant Flow Of Opportunities, Training And Frameworks To Supplement Your Own Business.

One of your biggest assets will be our incredibly supportive network of other successful consultants who are all part of the Virtech Consulting Network. Our Consulting Network has your success at the front of our minds!  We can also help you expand and monetize your own discoveries through our global product marketing team.
We Help Position You For Success...

Induction Course And Training

Induction training into the world of Digital Transformation Consulting and a roadmap of the next steps.  This will help you understand how to create success within our network. 

Development Opportunities

A clear roadmap of career growth opportunities for working with us at different levels of consultancy.  Where you are today is only the beginning of what's possible in our network.

Global Support Network

Access to a global support network in our full digital ecosystem of other successful business consultants with a shared interest in Digital Transformation Consulting.

With Our Three Tier Approach

Engagement Consultant
Virtech's Engagement Consultants are the backbone of our global consulting business. We provide our consultants with the training, certifications, and support they need to successfully bring Digital Transformation to new clients and existing ones alike.
Consultants additive earnings are often between $180 - $300K
Our final development phase for our new consultants is detailed delivery training and mentoring on our current product base and many of our future products. Currently this includes digital transformation turnaround programs, Robotic process automation, architect as a service, Digital Transformation, Staffing, Robotic Test Automation and many more.
Typical additive earnings are between $200 - $400K
Our highest level membership where we provide our principal consultants with significant accounts to develop and fulfill. Our network has a continual flow of substantial contracts and assignments all over the world with some of the largest corporate organisations. We need your acumen, skill, account management experience, 
Typical earnings are between $500 - $800K

What Our Network Champions Have To Say

"As an experienced technology Project Management consultant working heavily within both Government and the private sector, I have found the Virtech network to be an essential safeguard in helping me maintain a regular flow of business and provide me with new consulting opportunities."
Neil Wylie
Project Management Consultant
"Virtech provides you with real clients and a constant stream of leading-edge products and methodologies. This has really augmented my skill base and accelerated my business."
Carl Jackson
Health Tech Specialist | Entrepreneur
"I can’t say enough about my relationship with Virtech. Digital transformation is at the heart of what they do. If you are an independent consultant this not just an information network it builds and provides real opportunity. We see real business flowing, new products new technologies."
Amanda Barnier
Digital Transformation Consultant
"Become part of our exponentially growing community, transform yourself, your business and your clients"
Brett McCallum
CEO | Virtech
Transparent Processes To Protect You

Limited Time Period To Apply

Because of the nature of our clientele, (governments and major corporations around the world) we need time to review your application.  Our goal is to provide you enough time to apply and ensure we have enough time to review, approve, and train you to become a successful member of our network.

Application Fee Applies

The application fee is granular in nature compared to the value received in our Consulting Network.  
However, if you are not selected you will receive a full refund. 

Specialized Training Available

In addition to your application processing we will provide you with on-boarding orientation and training within our network immediately. 
Additional courses for specific areas of consulting may in some areas have additional costs but its not obligatory to undertake them.
If you are committed to succeeding... 
Join other like-minded professionals 
Applicants Are Reviewed and Then Approved

*Refundable Application Fee Applies 
**Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours

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