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How Will You Survive These Turbulent Economic Times... 
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In our guide THE POWER BEHIND A CONSULTING NETWORK you'll discover:

  • Surviving as a Consultant with substantial levels of income
  • ​​Finding a resilient business network that gets results
  • ​Creating more opportunities through your business networks
  • ​Understanding where my Client's head is at during a recession?
  • Surviving as a Consultant with substantial levels of income
  • ​Creating more opportunities through business networks
  • ​Leveraging a resilient business network
  • ​Where is my Client's head at during a recession?
  • ​How I found a business network that gets results

These are uncertain times and the key to income survival is leveraging opportunity from a resilient  network

In this book we show you ways to become a successful 

 Digital Transformation Consultant.

Here are 3 Crucial benefits from reading the book...

Becoming a 
Niche Consultant

With correct vision and planning, you will be equipped with the tools not only to survive through a pandemic or recession, but how to succeed as an independent consultant and in control of your own career path. 

Harvesting Opportunities

Benefit from a pool of business opportunities that will build a relevant client base that suits your target customer and geographic markets.


Global Network Opportunities

How to join like-minded professionals who will help you profit from increased access to new resources, ideas and mentoring. Advanced training in cutting edge technologies and digital implementations enables you to become highly regarded in your field. 

Experience The Virtech Global Community

Our global network covers 4 continents and provides local, national and international opportunities for consultants. Our business development, marketing and promotional teams are also global and operate highly efficient sales cycles that minimize pre-sales engagement time and maximize conversion.

Business Accelerator Processes

Proven business development processes that outperform traditional practices and reduces order conversion time by 40%.

New Methods & Technologies

Our global support will equip you with new technologies, methodologies and resources to ensure you build a business that is highly profitable. 

Resource Support For Won Contracts

We provide support training and tools for every consulting vertical. This will help you build lasting relationships with your clients, as well as fulfill your own personal development.



This FREE ($47 value) download reveals "The POWER Behind A Consulting Network."

This FREE Download reveals "The POWER Behind A Consulting Network."

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